July's Tea Haiku

Tea Haiku for July is written by Ms Pat Benedict Campbell. 
I like this Haiku very much personally. I think tea has magical (?) healing power so it is perfect to call that the Alchemy of tea.  

Please find it on your tea bag or sleeve of Tea to Go cup!

old arguments
put to rights
the alchemy of tea

Pat Benedict Campbell

-Calgary, Alberta

 Pat Benedict Campbell is an actor/writer and Professor Emerita at the University of Calgary where she taught acting for sixteen years. Her work has been published in many haiku anthologies and journals, including Daily Haiku, RAW NerVZ HAIKU, Tiny Words, and others. In 2012 she received an award from the Asahi Network in Tokyo, Japan for one of her poems which were translated into Japanese. She currently shares her time between Calgary, Alberta and Houston, Texas. Much of the inspiration for her current poetry arises from her memories of growing up in Ireland.

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