Tea 101-Lesson 1

I have started to take the tea sommelier on-line course from the Tea Association of Canada. There are 8 modules and a final exam. My goal is to finish it in 3 years.

Tea 101
Getting ready to start:
After I registered for the course, I received a file of text books via e-mail and printed it out.

They sent me a package, which included a lot of sample tea, a scale, a thermometer, and a set of tea tasting cups I ordered when I registered. I am ready to go! 

There are 5 sample teas for Lesson 1. The homework was to do these 5 tea taste cuppings and make a comparison chart, and also read about the history of tea before the class started. I have had these teas before but it was interesting to compare them this way.


On-line class:
The class starts at 7pm. I was nervous and excited at the same time and ready to connect to GoTo Meeting by 6:30.

The teacher for Tea 101 is Mr. Jeff Kovac. He was living and working in Sichuan, China for several years. He devoted his free time to the practice and study of language, culture and tea. There are 14 classmates but I don't know from where they are taking this course, what kind of people they are, or why they are taking this course. I only know that the one common reason is "Interested in Tea."

Today's lesson was the history of tea.
From legends in China, the Japanese Tea Ceremony and the Silk Road to the Boston Tea Party in the U.S.... we take a trip around the world with tea.

I learned that the first tea arrived in Canada in 1716. Wow, next year is the 300-year anniversary! We should cerebrate it!

Time flies when you are having fun! The one-hour lesson just seemed like 10 minutes! 

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  • I was so happy to meet you and speak to you today. Finally someone who really knows something about tea. I love to learn about nutritional properties of food and drinks and was so happy for you to share your knowledge with me. I love tea but especially green tea, and I now know where exactly I will buying my tea from from now on. I look forward to learning more about tea from you in the future and adding to my present tea collection. Thanks again


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