CHA CHA TEA's 11th Anniversary

October is CHA CHA TEA’s Birthday Month. October 2006 - 11 years ago - I opened my dream tea shop. I still enjoy being here every day.  

Thank you for your support. I am very lucky to have you as my customers!!

When I look back, it was crazy, my oldest daughter was 2 and a half and the youngest was just 1 when I started it.

There were no tea shops in Kingston at the time, and I wanted to open before somebody else started a shop.

My business consultant told me that I would have to be cautious. The first in town doesn’t always mean it will succeed. People may not want it and that could be the reason why there are no tea shops in Kingston. I understood his point but my answer was “OK, let’s find out!”

The girls grew up literally at the store.

My husband is very supportive and helping out at the store mainly as a handyman. My mom always came in to help me run the store and watch the children at the same time.

I am very grateful that I can do what I like to do every day. My customers are very nice and some of them have become friends now.

When I celebrated my 10th Anniversary last year, I decided to bring my business to the next level. I am taking the tea sommelier course (I am halfway now!) and I have started an online store. I still have to work on improving the web-site and want to connect with more people via the internet (online store, social media and blog). So many things to do and so many things to learn.

My favourite Japanese proverb is Keizoku wa Chikaranari. It means “To continue is Power.” Probably the closest English saying is “Persistence pays off.”

Did you know that I am very determined?  

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