Tea and Food Pairing

When do you drink tea: what kind and with which food?

To start my day, I have a cup of tea with my breakfast every morning. Usually black tea, any kind. Sometimes Breakfast Tea, sometimes flavoured tea, such as Earl Grey, or whatever I get from my suppliers as samples. 

Many people drink tea after their meal with dessert. But why don’t we enjoy delicious food with delicious tea throughout the entire meal?

Many of you know that I am taking a Tea Sommelier course through the Academy of Tea online course by the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada. The most recent one I completed was Tea 107: Menu Design, Food Pairing, and Cooking with Tea. It was a fun course and a little challenging to be creative. I had to “think outside the cup!” 


I have already used tea for baking. Pairing with cheese and chocolate was very interesting. I learned more about the artistic side of incorporating tea into cooking and I will keep learning! I like tea & food experiments.


I created a menu for Sunday Brunch for my presentation. 

  • A Charcuterie and Cheese board, with smoked cheese and prosciutto for appetizers with Chinese Smokey Lapsang-Souchong Black Tea. 
  • Pancakes with butter and a tea-marbled boiled egg paired with malty, robust, full-bodied Indian Assam Black Tea. 
  • For dessert, I made Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream, enjoyed with Roasted Japanese Green Tea: Houjicha. 

This is how I prepared for my presentation. I was very excited about the menu but I got very nervous just before the presentation. Oh well…

The Result? I am very happy and relieved to say - I passed! 

If you have any special recipes, using tea as an ingredient, please share with me! 

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