Have you tried Canadian Breakfast Tea?

Have you tried Canadian Breakfast Tea?

July 1 st is Canada Day.

Why don't you try to start your Canada Day morning with Canadian Breakfast Tea?

This tea blend was specially created by The Metropolitan Tea Company Ltd from Toronto, Ontario.

They wanted to create the best tea blend for Canadians, taking into consideration the nuances of the various waters across Canada. The tea had to be able to ‘shine’ in any water. More than 35 different of origin teas tasted using the water brought in from different parts of the country.

It took them more than 2 days until the right blend was achieved. With a few additional refinements, the final result was an outstanding tea - the best in Canada, if not North America or the world.

The Assam (2nd flush, June Production) gives a thick malt and full-bodied character. The Tanzania gives a floral-like cup and coppery infusion whereas the South Indian gives superb fruity and sprightly flavour with a lovely finish. Lastly, adding Keemum gives a burgundy depth with light oaky notes.


I will cook my family’s favourite Canadian breakfast and bake cheesecake with a Canadian flag served with Canadian Breakfast Tea to celebrate. 

How do you celebrate your Canada Day?

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