Have you tried these Turmeric Teas?

Have you tried these Turmeric Teas?

I really like these Turmeric Teas. It was so nice to meet the founder of Turmeric Teas, Richa and her husband Prashant, back in September at The Canadian Coffee and Tea Show in Toronto. A short video about the company is here. The taste is wonderful, this tea is good for you (They have a page about the Health Benefits of Turmeric here, too) and the owners are lovely people!  

First, I brought in the sample sizes to introduce to my customers, and they have been received very well. CHA CHA TEA customers like high quality, healthy and tasty teas. Now I have added these four Turmeric Teas to my regular bulk tea menu; they are Dawn, Dusk, Winter and Summer.   


I asked Richa for their Labels. I think they are beautiful and a perfect size for my jars.  

I still enjoy finding new teas. There are so many more to learn about!  And I also like meeting the beautiful people connected with tea.


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