How do you like your summer, Hot? or Cold? 

How do you like your summer, Hot? or Cold? 

I am talking tea: I have an herbal blend called “Summer” from Turmeric Teas.

I introduced four Turmeric Teas to you, my CHA CHA TEA customers, after I met a lovely couple, the owners of Turmeric Teas, last Fall in Toronto.

I’ve received a lot of good feedback from a lot of people! And best of all, the teas are tasty!!! 

Now it is summer time; a very hot summer indeed. We are getting Heat Warnings here in Kingston. I received a notification from The Weather Network that says “Significant heat and humidity arrives today” (mid-July, as of writing this post.) The temperatures are high: 28℃ and the humidity will make it feel like 39℃!

I like a hot summer. And when it’s hot like this, we need to be hydrated. Drink lots of water! Having said that, when I think of it, I don’t drink a lot of water. I don’t like to drink water by itself so much. I don’t drink juice or soft drinks either. Maybe that’s why I drink a lot of tea instead. Ah-ha! I now know myself a little better. 

Iced Summer tea is what I recommend to stay hydrated. It is Caffeine Free and naturally, peppermint makes you feel cool. AND it has Turmeric. So it is very healthy for you (much healthier than canned iced teas with sugar added). This could even become your regular summer drink. 

Here is a suggestion - a blog post from Turmeric Teas recommends mixing this tea with sparkling water to make it into a refreshing bubbly Iced Tea, and I tried it. It is delightfully thrust quenching.

How do you stay hydrated? How do you like your Iced Tea? If you have special Iced Tea recipes, can you share them with me?

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