How does your tea smell?

How does your tea smell?

Green tea has a light, fresh vegetative fragrance. Black tea has a sweet, floral smell. Oolongs can range from peach to flowery essence. I always try to use the terms for tasting and aroma to identify and analyze the tea. That's how I am learning to become a tea sommelier.

On a very nice Saturday morning, a little girl came in with her uncle to CHA CHA TEA for the first time. She exclaimed,

"This store smells like good old memories!"

Wow! I really like her expression. Her uncle told me she is only 7 years old. She must have a happy life with lovely family and friends. Perhaps memories of having tea with her grandma? Or the memory of a tea party with her friends for her 5-year-old birthday party? (Must be a long time ago for her!) She knows the smell of tea is associated with sweet memories.

Do you see why I love my job?

Photo: Pixabay/jill111 

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I am quitting smoking and was told that a combination of jasmine and green tea would help with withdrawals. Do you know anything about that.

Louise Huff

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