LEADx show & Article about CHA CHA TEA

LEADx show & Article about CHA CHA TEA

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In September 2016, I came across a New York Times Best Selling Auther, Mr. Kevin Kruse's podcast "Extream Productivity". I have learned a lot from it and also subscribed his newsletter and read a couple of his books.  

I responded to a questionnaire via email about a challenge that I have which is bringing my business to the next level. Surprisingly, he replied to my email. I couldn't believe it was really him but it was! His show encouraged me and gave me a lot of good advice. I became more productive and motivated. And voila!!! I have renewed CHA CHA TEA web-site and started an on-line store! 

Now his new company, LEADx.org both web-site and podcast have full of career advice and management tips. I read them and listen to the podcast every morning.

On June 2nd, Episode #65, Mr. Kruse mentioned about me and CHA CHA TEA on the LEADx show. Please listen. It's only about 30min show but if you don't have time, listen for one minute from 18'30". 

And an Editor Ms. Tara Millette from LEADx team contacted me and she wrote an very nice article for me about how I am learning to become more productive from the podcast. Please read

I am very happy that Mr. Kruse and his team recognized me!

Photo by Pixabay/HappyEarthBoy  


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Pretty interesting post!
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Thank you!

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