My Visit to a Local Lavender Garden

My Visit to a Local Lavender Garden

I like lavender. I admire the colour and aroma. I don’t drink lavender tea by itself so much; I would rather mix it with Earl Grey and Cream Earl Grey for its beautiful fragrance.

I also use lavender essential oil as a room diffuser, skin care and pillow mist. I enjoy incorporating tea and herbs into my lifestyle. 

Of course, I like tea simply in my cup all day, every day. But I also like to do experiments cooking with tea, baking with tea, and using tea in my home.

One day, I was wondering how to do business with local businesses. Then I thought of Prince Edward County, only a one-hour drive from here.

First, I came across a local new lavender farm, Millefleurs in Prince Edward County, online. Second, I started to follow them on Instagram. Then I emailed the owners to ask if I could visit them, and actually met with them! 

 The owners are a husband and wife couple, very lovely people. They took the time to answer my questions and show me around their work place.

I thought the lavender that comes from France was French lavender. BUT, apparently it is not the case. It is the particular variety. Did you know that? The lavender I sell at my store is actually English lavender from France. Ah ha! 

The day I visited, they were out of culinary lavender and their lavender teas. They were drying some more. (It is a very good problem to have for their first year!)

I picked up some handcrafted lavender items to enjoy the beautiful fragrance. I hope I can introduce their lavender to CHA CHA TEA customers next year. 

By the way, my name “Kaoru” means “fragrance” in Japanese. No wonder I like beautiful aromas! 


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I loved your interesting newsletter. I also love your store. Your teas are exquisite and high quality. You are always so pleasant and knowledgable . Its a pleasure to do business with you.

Lynda McGlynn

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