Tea friends make time to come for tea! On my 12th anniversary.

Tea friends make time to come for tea! On my 12th anniversary.

I had such a wonderful, busy and fun day! Many people came to CHA CHA TEA’s open house. I was very thankful.

Some people came to pick up their favourite teas, some people came to pick up Pumpkin Spice Tea, and some people came to try the new Turmeric Teas and Wine Teas.

I am so grateful that I get to do what I am passionate about every day for the last 12 years. My husband, Scott, who is also my business partner (did you know?) came to celebrate with me. What a surprise! He is kind of a unicorn; you never see him.

My friend Becky works at Sigrid’s Natural Foods in the plaza, and she has her own blog "Healthy Tea Me" and an Instagram page about healthy life styles. She mentioned her visit to CHA CHA TEA with her daughter on her Instagram. It was a lovely experience, being able to see my customer/friend’s family.

My 12th anniversary sale is on now. All teas are 12% off the regular price until Oct. 31st. I told one customer that he would have to wait till the 20th anniversary to get 20% off. He replied with a big smile that he would wait 100 years to get 100% off!  

Thank you so much for making time to come to the store that day. If you missed the open house, please stay tuned to my website and join me next time!

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Hi Kaoru. That was a fun newsletter to read! Thanks for caring so much about your customers! I love to drink your tea!
I’m interested in trying turmeric tea. Do you carry any that are decaf?
Happy November!
Donna from Brockville

Donna Matheson

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