The Canadian Coffee and Tea show

The Canadian Coffee and Tea show

I attended the Canadian Coffee and Tea show in Toronto last month.

It is a trade show that is not open to the public. The show offers several different seminars and workshops for people working in food industries that involve coffee and tea. I have taken some of the seminars and I try to go every year. I enjoy meeting some of my suppliers in-person; it is great to meet them face-to-face after dealing with them by email and telephone. I also discover ideas about new companies and products.

I joined two seminars this time. I wanted to learn "latte art" but I decided to focus on tea. I took "Herbal blending" and "Comparative tea tasting." Both classes were packed! I met some people from out of province and they were independent coffee shop owners! They took these seminars to expand their knowledge about tea. I am glad to connect with people who are as interested in tea as I am.

In the first class, there were 13 different herbs to choose from to create our own blend.
In the second class, we compared 7 different teas. I thought I was familiar with a lot of teas but 4 out of 7 were new to me! I still have a long way to go on my journey...

I had a chance to chat a little with a professional tea sommelier, and these seminars inspired me to think about some future goals.

I am very glad that I went. Now I feel motivated and pumped!

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