Three things I learned at a Tony Robbins Seminar

Three things I learned at a Tony Robbins Seminar

I had a great opportunity to participate in a motivating event. My friend Brock @My Java Journal invited me to go to the “Power of Success with Tony Robbins and Friends” in Ottawa. Tony Robbins is a Life and Business Strategist.

The doors were open at 7:30 am and the event started at 8 am. We went to the venue, the Shaw Centre, at 7 am and Oh my… we found a HUGE line-up already.

Six expert speakers from different fields - Stress Management, Communication, Personal Development, Business, Money and Motivation - spoke at the event and a band played live music.

These were many things I wanted to remember and took notes. These are the three key things I learned:

#1. Knowledge is important. But it doesn’t mean anything if you don't take action.

#2. If you’re serious about your goal, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.
— Jen Sincero

#3. Progress = Happiness

Have you seen Tony Robbins Live or on Video? I have watched him a few times on TV, so I was somewhat familiar with his ideas.

I am not a YAAAAAY!!!!! type of person; I am more like a yay! person. Some people are die-hard fans of Tony Robbins, but I am not. However, I very much wanted to take in this chance. I laughed. Yes, a belly laugh for no reason. And I shared my dreams, problems and plans with total strangers. I shouted YES!, I punched the air with my fist, and I jumped up and down. Oh my goodness, I felt very energized.

Now that I have finished jumping, I want to implement what I learned and take action. I want to push ahead and enhance my store and my family’s future.
Progress = Happiness

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I was very impressed with speech. Direct. Know your goals ,nothing more or less thanks.

Amanda Lopes

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