Today, May 21 is International Tea Day

Today, May 21 is International Tea Day

Dear CHA CHA TEA friends,

I hope you are safe and healthy.

Today, May 21 is International Tea Day. I appreciate all the people who make it possible for me to enjoy my tea journey. I enjoy tea every day at home and at my store, I learn a lot with my tea sommelier courses, and I am having fun experimenting by making cocktails and cooking with tea.

AND! Most of all, I appreciate YOU: my CHA CHA TEA customers. Thank you so very much for your support and encouragement. I am so lucky to have you in my tea circle.

In the middle of March, I was crying every day, not knowing what would happen to all of us and to my store. I was very scared. And I decided to close the door for public shopping from March 24th

It has been almost 2 months. I am still coming to my store, receiving your tea orders by email, answering phone calls and fulfilling online orders every day. How lucky I am to be able to keep my business running. I miss you so much. I always savour our little chats. BUT! I still get to do what I like to do. 

   ***My favourite place. 🍵☕️***

In general, people are so tired and stressed. We are all affected by this Pandemic. People who work for the customer service sector have made these comments to me: “Almost everybody is nice.” “The majority of people are OK.” or “95% of people are patient.”  However, some people have been yelled at because things are inconvenient. 

For me? 100% of my customers are AMAZING! Yes: 100%. Every single person. I have not had even one negative experience with you. You are all so kind and patient with me. Worrying about me, my store and my family. And even grateful that I sell tea to you. AMAZING. 

So, on this International Tea Day, I am thinking of you, and I raise my cup in a toast to my lovely CHA CHA TEA FRIENDS!!  

Join me in a cup of tea to celebrate International Tea Day!

Thank you for your continued support. Stay safe and Stay Awesome! 


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