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Touched by an Angel

This is a note to myself. To remember a story that a total stranger shared with me.

A lady came in to the store this morning for the first time. She was looking for some herbal tea for her cold. She doesn’t like ginger very much. So, I recommended my personal favourite herbal tea, "Herbal Symphony".

I bagged the tea for her and when she paid for it, I recognized two Chinese characters tattooed on her wrist that read 天使. I know that together, they mean an angel. I said to her "you have an
angel". And she said “yes, this is my daughter” with a sad smile. Her daughter had passed away when she was 11 years old. The angel lady spoke softly.

I choked and teared up. I said “I am very sorry.”
She said that she is OK, now.

I have two daughters. I fight with them, nag or yell at them too often. I forget how lucky I am having healthy, loving girls with me every day.
This lady may be my angel, expressing to me that I should be happier and love more.
I don't even know her name. If she comes back again, I would like to have a cup of tea with her, perhaps "Angel's Dream" tea.

Everybody has stories to tell. I am grateful for the many people who share with me at the store.

Photo by 小胖 车 on Unsplash

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dear Kaoru-san,

It was such a pleasure to read this beautiful story – and it reminds me of an important message too! thank you so much for coming to the Ottawa Tea and Chocolate Festival to enjoy Chanoyu with me at Camellia Teas – I can’t wait for your next visit to Ottawa (please let me know when you will visit!) and of course next early Summer I’m sure we’ll pass through Kingston and will surely come to visit you at Cha Cha Cha! In the meantime, I will invite you to come and share a bowl of tea, relaxation and conversation in January – have a very successful December season! warmly, Rebecca


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