CHA CHA TEA's drinking water fundraiser challenge

Let’s become a part of helping Indigenous communities to access safe, clean water!!

We were all in shock last year, when the news of unmarked graves at residential schools confirmed the abject misery experienced by Indigenous children and their families.

And also, tt was unbelievable to me that many people in Indigenous communities still don’t have access to clean drinking water. We are in CANADA!!
First, I couldn’t believe it; and thought, I can’t do anything about it and ignored it.
Second, I got angry at myself for not doing anything.
Then, I decided to learn more. I read some books and talked to some people. I joined a study group and a webinar. I have learned a little, and I am still learning.

I came across the Water First website ( I learned that they help address water challenges in Indigenous communities in Canada through education, training and meaningful collaboration. And I got an idea!
Take on a fundraiser with them.

I sell tea, drink tea, and have the advantage of clean drinking water every day. I wanted to donate, but didn’t want to donate once and be done with it. I felt this effort should be ongoing.

So, I need your help! This is how it works.
You can purchase any Wild Canadian Tea in “the Algonquin Collection” and I will donate $1.00 from each sale to the Water First, Drinking Water program.

Also - you can make a monetary donation on my fundraising page with Canada Helps. I have created a page: Click here. See the goal I have set for the rest of the year. I am ambitious. Please join me!!

Together, we can all be part of the solution for clean and safe water.

Thank you!