St. Patrick's Day & Irish Breakfast Tea

St. Patrick's Day & Irish Breakfast Tea

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day.
Do you celebrate it? How?

I like to learn and celebrate different cultures. Especially customs related to Tea, Tea drinking habits and cultures. Many countries have their own tea culture. I am amazed how different - and sometimes how similar - are the cultures of drinking tea in different places.

My husband recently had a DNA test (let’s not argue how accurate the test is for now😉 ) and he found out that he is 43.2% British/Irish. How cool!! That means my daughters have some Irish in them, too. My family is related to the Irish☘️ Wow. We have another reason to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day after all.

SO I chose Irish Breakfast Tea to enjoy and to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Did you know that Irish people drink a lot of tea? According to Statista: As of 2016, people in Ireland consume the second most tea per capita in the world (after Turkey). In fact, the average Irish citizen drinks about 6 cups per day.

How do they drink it? I’ve heard that the tea they drink is so strong you could almost stand a spoon upright in the cup. And they add milk.

Usually, I don’t add milk to my tea unless it is Chai, but I brewed Irish Breakfast Tea and added some milk. It’s actually pretty good! Milk mellowed the tea and took away any bitterness of black tea. I also tasted a hint of caramel.    

I have been wondering: Is there really such a tea “Irish Breakfast Tea” in Ireland? So when my friend travelled there last year, I asked her to bring me Irish Breakfast Tea from Ireland. Yes, she found it. She also brought me Irish Afternoon Tea and Irish Cream Tea. They are all very good!

I have a new creation!
I wanted to make a Tea MarTEAni recipe with Irish Breakfast Tea as well.

I invited two of my girlfriends who are willing to be my tea guinea pigs. The first glass was okay. We wanted a stronger tea taste. The second glass was perfect! If you want to make it, the recipe is here.  When you try it, let me know what you think.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️

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