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Citrus Sunset Rooibos - Kebaonish

Citrus Sunset Rooibos - Kebaonish

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The Seven Grandfather Teachings: Values such as wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, and truth foster a culture of integrity and accountability.

Indigenous teas by Kebaonish, a certified Canadian Aboriginal business, inspired by the Seven Grandfather Teachings. Offering a beautiful rainbow of tea varieties both caffeine-free and caffeinated.

Honesty (Gwekwaadziwin): A nourishing and harmonious blend to awaken the senses. Carefully crafted with women’s health in mind, Honesty brings together the goodness of rooibos, orange peel, chicory, and natural flavour in vibrant orange cup.

Pouch with 30 tea bags, caffeine-free.

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