Tea Tasting Workshops with Tea Shop Mystery Book Club

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Would you like to learn more about tea? 
And would you like to read more books?

Let's learn about tea with Kaoru, a Certified Tea Sommelier. Also, let's read books together.

Sign up today for in-person workshops, space is limited. 

This workshop is tied with Cha Cha's Tea Shop Mystery Book Club. 📚☕️🫖🍵

We will have 3-4 different teas based on the book. And some snacks go with it. 

We will read Laura Childs's Tea Shop Mysteries from #1. (There are 25 books so far.)

We will discuss the book online as well via Zoom. It is a short and sweet meeting. I hope you join us next time!

To join the online book club (Free), please click here.